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North American fetal bovine serum
South American fetal bovine serum

South American fetal bovine serum

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The product name The article number Packing specification unit List price
South American Fetal bovine serum (standard) DIB-12A-500ml 500ml bottle 4600
South American Fetal bovine serum (standard) DIB-12B-50ml 50ml*10the 1box 5000

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South American fetal bovine serum

Product number:DIB-12B  DIB-12A

Product Description

Serum is the blood component that can be obtained after coagulation and by removing cellular components. Besides serum proteins it contains, e.g. growth factors, amino acids and hormones. This comprehensive mix  makes serum one of the most important supplements, supporting cells to grow and proliferate in vitro cell cul-ture.Of special interest is the fetal bovine serum (FBS). It is especially rich in growth factors and is particularly low in 
antibodies, which may influence the cell culture work.
Product Origin Treatment Volume Cat. No.
Fetal Bovine Serum Collected in South America  - 50ml DIB-12B
      500ML DIB-12A
    Heat Inactivated 50ml DIB-HI-12B
      500ML DIB-HI-12A
  Origin USA - 50ml DIB-22B
      500ML DIB-22A
    Heat Inactivated 50ml DIB-HI-22B
      500ML DIB-HI-22A
Additional Tests & Treatments
-Tested according to 9CFR
-Gamma Irradiation
- Charcoal Treated
- Delipidated
 Product Specifications
pH 6.8-8.2
Osmolality 280-340mOsm/kg
Endotoxin As reported
Total Protein 3.0-4.5g/dl
Albumin As reported
Hemoglobin As reported
Mycoplasma Not detected
Virus tested for PI-3, BVDV, BVDV-AB, BHV-I
Sterility Tested
torage Store at ≤-15°C.

Additional optional treatments
Heat inactivation

Heat inactivation will inactivate the complement system, antibodies and other active enzymes. It has to be done in a carefully controlled process in order to avoid damaging the cell growth promoting properties of the serum and reducing the formation of unwanted precipitates.The process involves heating the serum in a shaking water bath at exactly +56°C for 30 minutes. The shaking will help avoid the formation of protein and other forms of precipitates. After 30 minutes the serum is then cooled back down to room temperature as quickly as possible to avoid excessive exposure to heat which can damage e.g. growth factors and vitamins.

Gamma irradiation
Data Invention Biotech has established process parameters and controls for maximum inactivation of contami-nants by an innovative gamma irradiation process in small sized boxes at 25 – 35kGy. When FBS bottles are arranged in a pallet during gamma irradiation, high irradiation doses (58 kGy) are necessary to irradiate the centrally located bottles with the required does (>30 kGy). This and the associated higher temperatures may affect the serum quality. If the irradiation is performed in single boxes, the maximum does of irradiation is performed in single boxes, the maximum dose of irradiation does not exceed 38.7 kGy. Gentle irradiation as used by Data Invention Biotech is less likely to affect final serum quality.

Quality control

Only sera batches which pass our strict quality control are released for sale. Standard parameters which are 
determined include pH, osmolality, content of protein, albumin, IgG and hemoglobin, endotoxin level, sterility, 
mycoplasma detection and virus testing.

Precautions and Disclaimer

This product is for research use only. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for information regarding 
hazards and safe handling practices.

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