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South American fetal bovine serum
BS, 10×(Phosphate Buffered Saline)

BS, 10×(Phosphate Buffered Saline)

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BS, 10×(Phosphate Buffered Saline) DIB4207-500ml 500 mL bottle 130

Product introduction
PBS, 10×(Phosphate Buffered Saline), is a balance salt solution widely used in biological and biochemical studies. After 10 times dilution, 1×PBS Phosphate buffer was obtained. It can be used for tissue washing, cell rinsing, preparation of other reagents and as a diluent for cell counting, etc.
Ingredients: 27 mM KCl, 20 mM KH2PO4, 1370 mM NaCl, 100 mM Na2HPO4, diluted 10 times, pH 7.0-7.5@25℃.
The product was filtered by 0.1 μm for sterilization.
Storage and transportation
Stored and transported at room temperature, valid for 18 months.
Directions for use
Before use, take 100 mL of the product and 900 mL of pure water and mix evenly to get a pH 7.0-7.4 1×PBS solution containing 0.01 M phosphate.
Matters needing attention
1. The product is sterilized by 0.1 μm filtration. If it is needed for cell culture, please dilute it in the ultra-clean table, and pay attention to aseptic operation to prevent bacterial contamination.
2. This product is 10 times the concentration of PBS, please dilute according to your needs before use.
3. Please wear lab coat and disposable gloves during operation.
This product is only for scientific research purposes, not for clinical diagnosis!
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