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Lipo2000 transfection reagent
Lipo2000 transfection reagent

Lipo2000 transfection reagent

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The product name The article number Packing specification unit List price
Lipo2000 transfection reagent DIB034-0.75ml 0.75ml the 2400
Lipo2000 transfection reagent DIB034-1.5ml 1.5ml the 3600

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Lipo2000  transfection reagent

     Product     number:  DIB034-1.5ml      DIB034-0.75ml
Product specifications:  1.5ml                   0.75ml

Storage: Store at 2-4°C for one year.(Avoid freezing)

Product description:
Data Invention Biotech's unique patented formula Lipo2000 has a transfection efficiency between Lip2000 and Lip3000, with lower toxicity and higher transfection efficiency. It is a new type of cationic liposome transfection reagent.Suitable for transfection of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) into eukaryotic cells, with low cytotoxicity; high transfection efficiency for various types of cells and culture plates; the presence of serum during transfection does not affect the advantages of transfection efficiency .     

Scope of application: transfection of adherent cells and suspension cells (mammalian cell lines).

Transfection of plasmid DNA:
For most cells, the ratio of DNA (µg) to Lipo2000 (µl) is 1:2~1:3.High cell density during transfection can obtain high transfection efficiency and expression level, and can reduce cytotoxicity.

1. Take a 24-well plate as an example for adherent cells: On the day before transfection, inoculate 0.5-2×105 cells with 500 µl of antibiotic-free medium to reach 70-90% confluence the next day.Suspension cells: Before preparing the DNA-Lip2000 complex, inoculate 4-8×105 cells with 500 µl antibiotic-free medium.
2. For each transfection sample, perform the following operations: a. Add 50 µl Opti-MEM I ReLipced Serum Medium and 0.8 µg DNA to the eppendorf tube and mix gently to make a DNA dilution.b. Add 50 µl Opti-MEMI ReLipced Serum Medium and 2.0 µl Lipo2000 to another eppendorf tube (note that you should mix well before use), mix gently to make a Lip2000 dilution, and let it stand at room temperature for 5 minutes.c. Mix the DNA diluent and Lip2000 diluent, mix gently, and let stand at room temperature for 20 minutes to form a DNA-Lip2000 complex.The DNA-Lip2000 complex can exist stably for 6 hours at room temperature.
3. Add the DNA-Lip2000 complex to the inoculated cells, and gently shake the culture plate back and forth to make the complex evenly dispersed.
4. After culturing for 4-6 hours in a 37°C CO2 incubator, change the medium and continue culturing for 18 to 48 hours.
5. If you want to screen for stable cell lines, inoculate the cells in a fresh medium at a ratio of 1:10 or higher 24 hours after transfection, and add selective medium for screening the next day.

Optimization of plasmid DNA transfection In order to achieve the highest transfection efficiency and reduce the influence of cytotoxicity, the ratio of DNA to Lip2000 and cell density can be optimized. Generally, DNA (µg) is optimized in the range of 1:0.5~1:5 And Lip2000 (µl) ratio.

The amount of media, nucleic acid and Lipo2000 for transfection in different cell culture plates
Cell culture plate Area per hole Medium amount DNA Transfection siRNA
The amount of plating medium The amount of diluted medium
96-well 0.3cm2 100ul 2*25ul 0.2ug 0.5ul 5pmol 0.25ul
24-well 2cm2 500ul 2*50ul 0.8ug 2ul 20pmol 1.0ul
12-well 4cm2 1ml 2*100ul 1.6ug 4ul 40pmol 2.0ul
6-well 10cm2 2ml 2*250ul 4ug 10ul 100pmol 5ul
60-mm 20cm2 5ml 2*0.5ml 8ug 20ul 200pmol 10ul
10-cm 60cm2 15ml 2*1.5ml 24ug 60ul 600pmol 30ul

Transfection efficiency of common cells (for reference only, the transfection efficiency will vary with different experimental conditions)

Cell type HEK293 HCT116 WRL-68 HepG2 NH/3T3 THP-1 Hela MCF-7 293T TS cell HO1980 A549
Transfection efficiency 80% 80% ~80% ~80% ~80% >50% 80% 80% 80% >60% >60% 80%
Cell type MEF Chok1 Hep3B C2C12 Neuro-2a HUVEC MDCK Hep2C WHI B50 Calu1 L929
Transfection efficiency >50% >50% 80% 80% >70% 80% 80% 80% 80% >70% >70% >70%

Product parameter
Name Lipo2000transfection reagent
CAT# DIB034-1.5ml          DIB034-0.75ml
Storage# 4℃ dry and avoid light
Shelf Life# 12 months
Ex(nm)# N/A
Em(nm)# N/A
Solvent# N/A

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