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Mycoplasma scavenging agent
Mycoplasma scavenging agent

Mycoplasma scavenging agent

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Instructions for mycoplasma scavenger
Item no: DIB1105
Specification: 200 (including L
Storage: -20℃, one year (to avoid repeated freezing and thawing, it is recommended to store separately.)
Note: 1. Centrifuge the reagent tube immediately after receiving the goods. 2. It is normal for the product to precipitate. Before packaging or use, the product shall be shaken and dissolved at room temperature until it is clear and transparent, which will not affect the use effect of the product.
Product Description:
Mycoplasma is a kind of prokaryote with a size of 0.2~0.3 μm, no cell wall, and can pass through the general filtration membrane (0.22~0.45 μm). In the process of cell culture, the infection rate of mycoplasma reaches 63%. Therefore, contamination by mycoplasma in the process of cell culture is a worldwide problem. Multiple literature studies have shown that when cells (especially the passage cells) are contaminated with mycoplasma, the expression of DNA, RNA and protein in cells is changed, but the growth rate of cells is generally not significantly affected, so it is difficult to detect mycoplasma contamination.
Mycoplasma scavenger is used to solve the problem of cell contamination or state decline caused by mycoplasma contamination, and it also has certain clearance effect on common Gram-negative and positive bacteria, so as to ensure that the research results of researchers are true and reliable. In general, it takes only 3 days to remove intracellular and extracellular mycoplasma.
1. It is recommended to use it now and keep the cell density at 50-60%.
2. The recommended dilution ratio is 1:1000. For example, add 10 µL mycoplasma scavenger to 10 mL medium and mix.
3. Discard the old culture medium, clean the cells with PBS, and then add the fresh culture medium containing mycoplasma scavenger, once a day, for 3 consecutive days; Or once every 2 days for 5 to 6 consecutive days. If cell contamination is very serious, the treatment time should be extended.
4. If cells are sensitive to mycoplasma scavenger or growth is significantly inhibited, the dilution ratio can be adjusted, such as 1:2000 or 1:3000
5. After the treatment, add fresh culture medium, and mycoplasma prophylaxis agent can be added to the culture medium to prevent mycoplasma contamination again.
6. Mycoplasma scavenger is strongly recommended not to be used in conjunction with other antibiotics because of its broad spectrum bacteriostasis in order to reduce the effect on cells.
Product advantages:
1. Specific clearance of mycoplasma in the medium;
2. Only about 3 days of treatment can effectively remove mycoplasma.
3. The active ingredient is polypeptide, which does not produce drug resistance.
4. It's almost non-toxic to cells, it's been tested on over 100 cells, Including but not limited to HEK293, Hela, McF-7, MRC-5, NIH-3T3, CCC-ESF, CHO-S, CHO-K1, CHO-DG44, H295R, HL-60, K562, MDA-MB-231, SP2/0, T47D, BM and BV2 And so on;
5. Broad-spectrum, can replace double antibody, can remove common Gram-negative and positive bacteria;
6. It can be directly added into serum and culture medium to remove mycoplasma contamination;
The above data are from the public literature, Solarbio has not independently verified, for reference only.
These protocols are for reference only. Solarbio does not independently validate these methods.
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